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Our Favorite Traditional Italian Foods (and Where to Get Them!)

Looking for the best traditional Italian foods to try during your next trip to Italy? Take it from us- we know all the best traditional Italian foods from each region of the beautiful country.  Check out our list below:


Arguably the most iconic symbol of Italian food is the pizza.  What many may not know is that the modern development of pizza is argued to have originated in Naples after poor locals began using tomato as a topping on their yeast-based flat bread.  The dish slowly began gaining popularity in the early 1800s.

Most true Italians will argue that there are two different types of pizza — the marinara and the margherita.  The ‘marinara’ pizza is a flatbread pizza topped with tomato, oregano, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. La marinara refers to the seaman’s wife, who is traditionally known as the one to cook and prepare this meal for when her husband returns from the Bay of Naples.  The ‘margherita’ is a flatbread pizza topped with a light spread of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. As the story goes, Raffaele Esposito baked several special pizzas for King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889 while the two were passing through.  The Queen’s favorite was the one that captured true Italian patriotism, symbolizing the Italian flag. The basil leaves represented the green, the mozzarella was the white, and the tomatoes of course represented the red. In honor of how much Queen Margherita enjoyed this pizza, the creation was named ‘margherita’ pizza.

Due to its popularity, pizza can be found on nearly every street in Italy.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that every restaurant has great pizza however.  The general rule of thumb for ordering pizza in Italy is ‘less is more,’ in terms of toppings.  Italians traditionally like more natural flavors and believe that adding more will distract from the true beauty of the meal.

Best place to get it: Naples

Florentine Steak

When most people think of Italian cooking, steak isn’t usually one of the first traditional Italian foods to come to mind.  However, bistecca alla Fiorentina, is actually one of the most famous traditional Italian dishes in the city of Florence.  For all the meat lovers out there, this unique dish will make your mouth water.

Florentine steak has a very specific preparation.  The Porterhouse cut between the sirloin and tenderloin, or the costata, must come solely from the loin near the shoulder of the Chianina cow, which is raised in Tuscany.  The 5 centimeter-thick T-bone is cooked for 5 to 7 minutes on each side over a wooden fire until the outside is cooked, while the inside remains a dark red, tender rare.

Unlike the pizza, this Italian dish should be exclusively order within the Tuscan region, whether that be in the heart of Florence or more in the countryside.  Another unique aspect about this Italian dish, is that it’s meant to be shared. Italians customarily look down upon sharing food, but this 1-2 kg item, they’ll make an exception.  

One of the best restaurants within the heart of Florence is Ristorante Perseus, located near Piazza della Libertà and Piazza Savonarola.  Most people order the steak with a side of the crispy roasted potatoes.

Best place to get it: Florence


Northern Italy is known for its delicious, creamy rice bowls known as risotto.  Arborio and Carnaroli are two of the most common varieties grown in the expansive rice paddies found in Italy.  To make risotto, rice is cooked in stock and mixed into a velvety consistency. Sometimes vegetables, seafood, porcini mushrooms, or sausage may be added to intensify flavors.

Saffron-infused risotto alla milanese is arguably the most famous type of risotto.  This dish is made with meat stock, bone marrow, cheese, and of course, saffron, giving the creamy soup-like meal a yellow tint.

Best place to get it: Milan


If you go to Italy and don’t get at least one or two scoops of gelato a day, did you even enjoy yourself? 

Like pizza, gelato can be found everywhere in Italy.  When seeking to find the perfect gelato, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Look at the material of the containers the gelato is being stored in. If the gelato is in a silver or metal circular container, that usually indicates the gelato is freshly made.  True artisan gelato is slowly-churned to ensure an intense flavor and creamy texture. Gelato isn’t made for long-term storage, so stay away from the white or plastic containers. In addition, look at the actual color of the gelato — are they neon or natural tones?  If the fruit flavors (strawberry or fragola for example) are in season, they should be bright in color as good gelato is made with real, natural ingredients.

Best place to get it: Sicily

If you’d like to try some of these traditional Italian foods right here in Los Angeles, come join us at Spumoni Restaurants! Buon appetito!

Book your reservation today here: http://www.spumonirestaurants.com/reservation/

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Best Health Benefits of Italian Food

Italian cuisine has had a bad reputation in the world of health for as long as we can remember. It is true that Italian food is typically full of cheesy goodness, carb-filled heaven, and rich deserts.

However, there are actually countless health benefits of Italian food that many people don’t know about. If you weren’t already, here are some healthy reasons to indulge yourself in the best cuisine in the world.


Olive Oil

Olive oil might be the most obvious health benefit. Olive oil is widely known as a very healthy fat, filled with ones called monounsaturated fats that are extremely beneficial for your heart health. It also helps reduce low-density lipoproteins, which are the “bad” cholesterol that negatively affects your heart. Instead, it boosts levels of high-density lipoproteins, which are the good kind of cholesterol that removes harmful cholesterol. It can be found in salad dressings, pasta dishes, used to cook seafood, meat, or veggies, or simply in a dish for bread to be dipped in.


Garlic is strong in more ways than just spicing up your food and making your breath smell bad. It has amazing antibacterial and anti-fungi properties. Even better, it contains sulfides that fight risks of almost every type of cancer; breast, colon, throat, stomach, skin, etc. Its commonly found in the majority of Italian dishes, from sautéed vegetables to pasta sauces.


Also known as the staple fruit of Italian food, tomatoes are rich with potassium, and both vitamin C and A. If thats not enough, tomatoes also contain lycopene, a heart protective antioxidant. Cooking tomatoes is an easy and effective method to bring out the available lycopene. Eating pastas dishes with fresh, homemade tomato sauce is a great way to boost your lycopene intake, ensuring a healthy heart.

Whole Grains

Thats right, carbs aren’t all bad for you! As opposed to refined grains, whole grains have a lower glycemic index which means they don’t raise glucose and insulin levels with a dramatic spike. Instead, they retain fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E. Sustaining a diet rich with whole grains can protect against heart disease and diabetes. Whole grain pastas are served in a variety of ways at Italian restaurants so you will never be limited to one dish.


Whether it be grilled fish, shrimp, or octopus, the health benefits of seafood are plentiful. Specifically, salmon is often attributed with low cholesterol and high protein. It is true that salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, B vitamins, and antioxidants. However, shrimp doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the omega-3 fatty acids it contains. A healthy dose of shrimp provides a sufficient amount of omega-3 acids to decrease inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improve the function of cells lining your arteries. Stop in for our salmon dish complete with lemon, capers, and a white wine sauce or our Cioppino Mediterraneo, which is a seafood lover’s heaven; fresh fish, clams, shrimp, calamari, and mussels in a light tomato fish broth.

If those don’t appeal to your taste buds, Spumoni is proudly home to all of the healthy ingredients above! We are proud to offer something that everyone will love, especially when they include these health benefits. Next time you’re craving Italian, head into Spumoni Restaurants and don’t feel guilty indulging a little bit!

Best Italian Food Catering in Los Angeles


Here at Spumoni Restaurants, we offer catering services for your private event. Whether that being a corporate event, special event, office luncheon, or any kind of party you are planning on throwing, Spumoni can bring its catering services and make sure your guests don’t walk away with empty bellies! We offer a large selection of Italian dishes and foods to choose from, everything from vegan, gluten free, we have the foods to cover your guest’s special needs.

Getting catering services from Spumoni is very easy, all you need to do is put down your order online! With just a click of your fingertips, you’re getting the party rolling by bringing the best Italian catering to your event.

Salads and Appetizers

We offer many different types of Salads. Our Italian salad is made from Romaine and iceberg lettuce with marinated carrots. Topped off with garbanzo beans, roma tomatoes, and a delicious vinaigrette dressing to guarantee the most authentic Italian taste. Another favorite is the grilled salmon salad. It consists of grilled salmon over mixed greens, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes and topped off with a creamy balsamic dressing. Our large bowl servings serve 10-15 people, while our full tray servings serve 16-20 people.

Another good appetizer to get is the Spumoni Appetizer Platter. It comes with a combination of cured meat cheeses with olives and artichoke hearts. This is the perfect appetizer to start, paired with some white wine, you will definitely awe your guests with the authentic Italian taste.


Our grilled lamb chops come in two sizes;  a 1/2 tray that serves 12-15 people, and a full tray that serves 16-20 people. The lamb chops are grilled to perfection, topped with red wine marsala wine sauce. The juiciness of the meat paired with the taste of red wine is heavenly to say the least. Another good entree is the Scampi al Limone Scampi Fradiavola. This is the classic shrimp scampi dish, made with jumbo tiger shrimps in a spicy tomato sauce. If you are looking for freshness, you can taste the sea from the giant tiger shrimps, paired with the spicy tomato sauce the dish has a nice kick to it too.

Other Entree options include veal, chicken, salmon and sole. If you are looking for seafood, we highly recommend the Cioppino Mediterraneo. It is fresh fish, clams, mussels, calamari and shrimp cooked in a light tomato broth. This dish paired with some bread is the ultimate snack. Each bite in to the seafood you can taste why Spumoni has the best Italian catering in Los Angeles.

Other Traditional Italian Dishes

Look no further than Spumoni catering services. We have other authentic Italian tastes such as pastas and pizzas. We have a large selections of raviolis, lasagnas, bolognese, and pescatore options. Ingredients such as fresh cheese, clams, mushrooms will surely amaze you with the wonderful flavors we pack in these dishes! A half tray of pasta serves 10-15 people, while a full tray can serve up to 20 people.

We also have gluten-free New York Style pizzas available for those with the restricted diets. A medium 12″ has 6 slices, and a large 16″ has 8 slices. Some toppings to choose from include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives, eggplant, garlic, salami, meatballs, anchovy, Canadian bacon and pineapple, chicken, pesto, capers, goat cheese, feta cheese, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, prosciutto and smoked mozzarella. Not enough options for you? Give us a call or go online to see for yourself.


By the way, your first catering is free! Call us and we will provide lunch for 4 people! (1 pasta, salad, bread and drinks included). So if you are still thinking about having Italian food catered to your private event or luncheon, call us and we will make it happen!

Birding in Santa Monica

Birding in Santa Monica

Its a bird, its a plane…wait, it actually is a bird! Maybe not the conventional kind of bird thats a winged animal, but a bird nonetheless.

What Are They?

These black, electric scooters have recently taken over Santa Monica, Venice, and other parts of Los Angeles by storm. They scatter the streets as commonly as bicycles or skateboards, and can be seen transporting any kind of passenger, from a suit-clad businessman to a young teenage couple. People all over the Los Angeles area rely on Birds to take them short distances that are a little too long to walk, but don’t need to be driven. Birds are relatively fast, able to go up to 15 mph, and are much easier to handle than heavy, large bikes. The best part? They cost 15 cents a minute, you can pick them up wherever you find them, and you can drop them wherever when you’re done.

What To Know

If you do choose to Bird, there is a user agreement that must be read and signed before you begin. This covers all legalities and rules, but here are the basics that you need to know. First of all, you must be at least 18 years of age and know how to properly operate a vehicle. They also make it very clear when you sign the user agreement that once you unlock your Bird with the app, you are responsible for all injuries. You are also agreeing that you will wear a helmet and stay in designated Bird-riding areas, which are usually bike lanes. However, keep in mind that some people get frustrated with Birds the same way they would with a biker that is in their way. If you do your best to stay out of the way of cars and other pedestrians, and it’ll be easier to simply have a good time while riding.

Where To Go

Santa Monica is an ideal destination for Birding, thanks to the extensive shopping and eating options. Birds will take you up to 15 miles per trip, so your range of opportunity is wide. Santa Monica is known for its incredible selection of restaurants, stores, and entertainment, and with a Bird, you can experience it all. For instance, a perfect Santa Monica night might begin with Birding around 3rd Street Promenade, checking out stores and street performers. Once you tire of that, Bird a few blocks over to the pier to watch the sun set over the water. Santa Monica sunsets are not a view you want to miss. And remember, you can drop and lock your Bird anytime you want to walk around instead of ride! Its incredibly easy to find another one once you want to ride again.

After all this Birding, you’ll likely have worked up an appetite. Hop on another scooter and head over to Spumoni’s Santa Monica location, only about a 10 min ride from Santa Monica Pier. Spumoni is an authentic Italian cuisine, and ideal destination for either date nights, family dinners, or a casual pizza pick-up. If you’re up for a night of fast-paced fun and delicious food in a beautiful place, just grab a Bird and go!


Best Italian Desserts in Santa Monica


There is no doubt that some of the world’s most renowned dessert dishes come from Italy. Italy’s long history of culinary and baking has contributed to the wide variety of desserts available. Here at Spumoni, we are dedicated to bring the most authentic Italian dessert flavors to America. Spumoni Restaurants offer a wide selection of authentic Italian desserts. From our signature Spumoni Ice-cream, homemade Tiramisu, to freshly made Cannoli shells. Nothing is better than dessert after a tasty Italian meal. To go with the dessert, we also have fresh brewed espresso coffee and different types of dessert drinks and wines to go with your sweets.


New York Cheesecake

Cakes are the staple of desserts. Spumoni Italian restaurants offer a couple different cake varieties. From the audience-favorite New York style cheesecake, we also have chocolate cake if you are in the mood. For a more authentic Italian cake, choose Torta dela Nona. Also known as Grandmother’s Cake. It is made from pastry cream, drops of chocolate, peach glaze and shaved almonds. The Grandmother’s cake has a unique aroma that is fruity yet savory. Try it for yourself!

Ice Cream

Spumoni Ice Cream

Spumoni Ice Cream is one of our favorites here. It is a combination of strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, and cherry fruits (as shown above). The unique blend between these flavors complements each other well, and it is comparable to the traditional gelato you can find in Italy. If you are into a more American flavor, we have a fudge brownie with Vanilla ice cream. The warmness of the brownie paired up with the sweet cold vanilla ice cream creates a explosion of flavor and texture that will have you wanting for more.

Traditional Desserts

tiramisu with coffee

If you are looking for a more authentic traditional Italian flavor, look no further. Spumoni follows traditional recipes and is dedicated to bring the authentic dessert taste to America. For example, try our famous Tiramisu. Our tiramisu is made fresh batch by batch, and you can taste the freshness by taking the first bite into it. The soft texture of the cream paired with the coffee-soaked ladyfinger biscuits create a juicy creamy aroma in your mouth, and obviously a cup of coffee on the side would just top off this amazing dessert. Other than Tiramisu, Spumoni restaurants also offer fresh cannolis. We have them in jumbo shells wrapped with Ricotta and Mascarpone cheese.

Spumoni Jumbo Cannolis

Each bite into the cannoli will leave you wanting for more. Then there goes one cannoli, then two, then three… you will know how irresistable these cannolis are. The perfect blend of crunchiness and softness, and stuffed with the perfect tasting cheeses. Try one for yourself and you will know why Spumoni has the best Italian desserts.


In conclusion, you should try Spumoni Restaurants in Santa Monica for our authentic Italian desserts. All of our desserts are made with love and the most authentic Italian recipes. You can taste the freshness and the authenticity throughout your meal, from the appetizers all the way to desserts. That is why Spumoni has the best Italian desserts in the Santa Monica area. Even if you’re not located in Santa Monica, we also have different locations throughout the greater Los Angeles Area so you can be able to find great Italian food anywhere no matter where you are located. Even better, Spumoni is also offering delivery services so you would be able to enjoy Italian food even at the comfort in your own house. Next time you are in the area and craving for Italian dessert, be sure to check out Spumoni Italian restaurants!!

The Origin of Tiramisu


What is Tiramisu? The literal meaning of Tiramisu in Italian is “pick me up” or “cheer me up”. As the name implies, this is an iconic Italian dessert that is served at the end of the meal that hopefully “cheers you up”. Most of the accounts of the origin of Tiramisu points to the 1960s in the region of Veneto in Northeastern Italy, which is where the city of Venice is located. Roberto Linguanotto, owner of “Le Beccherie” of Treviso, Italy was behind the creation of the first Tiramisu. This special dessert was created in the bakery of the restaurant. Over time, people have continued to make Tiramisu and develop their own techniques of making this delicious Italian dessert.

What’s in Tiramisu?

Traditional Tiramisu consists of finger biscuits, egg yolks, sugar, coffee, mascarpone cheese and topped off with cocoa powder. Other variations include adding egg white or even liquor, to give the dessert a flavorful kick. Although the dish is traditionally made in a round shape, over time the Tiramisu has evolved into a square shape due to the limitations of the ladyfinger biscuits. Making the Tiramisu involves layering the custard on top the coffee/liquor soaked finger biscuits. This is where the Tiramisu gets its layered look.

Tiramisu served with coffee

How is Tiramisu made?

Making Tiramisu is actually easier than it sounds. First step is to make the custard. There are many ways to doing this, the traditional way is to separate the egg white and egg yolk, mix with sugar and vanilla until the custard has a creamy texture. A substitute for eggs would be to use whipped cream. Bottom line is you need to create a fresh creamy dairy custard that holds in shape, which means the heavier the better. Once you have the custard ready, you will need the ladyfinger biscuits. Dip the biscuits in strong espresso (some people even add a little bit of wine), but be sure to not over soak it so it falls apart when you pick them up.  Then then fun part begins. Find yourself a big container (round of square) and spread the first layer of biscuits. After the biscuits are evenly distributed on the first layer, then you add on the custard. Spread the custard out evenly as the biscuits are, and then keep doing it until it fills up your container. The final step is to dust the top off with cocoa powder for the chocolate taste, and then you put the mix in the fridge for a couple hours. 2-4 hours is the ideal time for the Tiramisu, and the temperature makes the dessert even better, too.

Enjoy Tiramisu!

Tiramisu is best served cold, and when paired up with a cup of coffee or espresso, you have hit the jackpot. Nothing says “pick me up” more than a delicious Tiramisu to end a meal. Now that you have the idea of how to make your Tiramisu, go ahead and try it out in your own kitchen! If you are not the kind of person to be creating your own food and desserts, you can always come to Spumoni Restaurants to enjoy our iconic Tiramisu!


Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles


Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Santa Monica

When it comes time for a family dinner, we understand that it can be a daunting task to make it a success. Firstly, you need the perfect environment that still feels like a nice night out, but isn’t too fancy to bring the kids. You don’t want to receive unwelcome glances from fellow diners as soon as you walk in with children. Then there’s the challenge of finding a restaurant whose food will make everyone happy. Naturally, each person member will likely want to eat something different, so you need a family friendly menu with a wide range of options. Lucky for you, Spumoni checks off on all the above.

Versatile Atmosphere

Spumoni Restaurants pride themselves on the fact that the mood of their restaurant can fit whoever the diner is. The atmosphere is extremely versatile, making it a perfect destination for date night or family dinners. The tables are adorned with candles and flowers, giving it a very romantic feel if thats what you’re looking for. If its a full family affair, Spumoni has you covered there too. The restaurant is extremely family friendly, complete with children’s menus to keep the younger ones happy and entertained. Even better, Spumoni also caters to the needs of dogs for those that want to bring their furry friends to dine with them. The dog friendly outdoor dining area is even complete with doggy bowls filled with water.

Endless Options

As far as menus go, Spumoni’s is one of the most extensive in Santa Monica. There is something for everyone, no matter how picky the eater. They provide wide array of authentic Italian classics, such as minestrone soup, eggplant parmesan, and linguini with clams. These don’t even include the entire section of the menu dedicated to homemade pastas and the vast ‘gnocchi bar’. For those not in the mood for pasta, do not fear; the bases are also covered for fresh meat, fish, and salad dishes. And of course, one could never go to an Italian restaurant and not think about pizza. Aside from their general pizza menu, they also offer a category for specialty New York Style pizza. Let the adults have their wine and three course meal, while the younger members of the family can enjoy the more kid friendly options. Everyone will leave full and happy!

Entertaining Environment

Santa Monica is one of the most family friendly environments in Los Angeles. It is famous for Third Street Promenade, a charming and welcoming outdoor mall that stretches multiple blocks through Santa Monica. In addition to the wealth of stores it offers, you can also find countless restaurants, movie theaters, and other sources of entertainment. However, one of the best features of Third Street Promenade is the street performers. At almost any time of the day or night, you are guaranteed to find at least one dance group, musician, or magician within the span of the promenade. It is unbeatable, family friendly entertainment thats a perfect way to end the night after a meal at Spumoni. The two happen to be in conveniently close proximity to each other, so it wouldn’t be asking too much to take a stroll down the promenade while everyone digests their delicious meal.

Come into Spumoni’s Santa Monica location and enjoy the ideal family friendly restaurant. You’re sure to be the hero of the family and make everyone’s night!

Best Italian Food in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, California has one of the most vibrant restaurant scenes in America. That is why you can find the best Italian food here. Los Angeles County holds more than 10 million people, full of people of different race, color, and creed. People from all over the world bring their homestyle cuisines and compete for a spot in the popping restaurant scene here. However, if you are looking for the best Italian food in LA, look no further than Spumoni Italian Restaurant. Spumoni Italian Restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisines made with the finest ingredients. Here are a couple reasons why Spumoni is the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

Spumoni – Best Italian Food

We have a wide selection of Pastas here at Spumoni. The pastas here are made with the freshest and best ingredients, with noodles cooked to the perfect firmness. We have carbonara, ravioli, tube pasta, half moon shaped pasta, etc. We have the selection that will surprise you with each bite you take, combined with the best sauces and broth, Spumoni sure does have the best pasta on the block.

If you are into pizzas, we have the favorites such as margherita, marinara, salami, and all kinds of fun choices! We also have a vegetarian pizza for those who are not meat-inclined. Thin crust, thick crust, just how you like it. Our pizzas are made with the best ingredients, and you can taste the freshness just like how it was in the oven! We also have New York style pizza that comes in two sizes, 12″ and 16″.

We understand that not everyone is in the mood for pizza and pastas all the time, so we also offer options such as meats, appetizers, and much more! We got lamb chops, steaks, veals for our land selection, and for seafood offerings we have sole filets, salmon, jumbo tiger shrimps. One of our favorites is the Cioppino Mediterraneo, made from fresh fish, clams, shrimps, calamari, and mussels cooked in a light tomato fish broth. Every bite you can taste the juiciness of the seafood, balanced with the light savory of the tomato fish broth.

At Spumoni Italian Restaurant, we have the best authentic Italian homestyle cuisine. That is why you can find dishes you don’t normally see at other Italian restaurants. One of our best highlights are our Gnocchis. For those who don’t know, gnocchi is a traditional Italian dish that consists of thick, small, and soft dough dumplings. These gnocchis can be customized to your liking – you can put different meats, seafood, and sauces to make your personalized gnocchi dish!


In conclusion, Spumoni Italian Restaurant has the best Italian food in Los Angeles. We have locations in Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks . We also offer delivery services if you live nearby one of our restaurant locations, so you would be able to order online or on your mobile phone, and enjoy the best Italian food in your own house. Still don’t believe us? Make a reservation at your nearest Spumoni Italian Restaurant and see for yourself.

Why LA Eateries Featured Spumoni on Instagram

Why LA Eateries Featured Spumoni on Instagram

If you haven’t jumped on the foodie-instagram train yet, it is highly recommended that you change that; you’re missing out. They can be turned to for cooking inspiration, restaurant recommendations, or simply good, old fashioned food porn. Food Instagrams, aka “Foodstagrams” are beginning to take over a large percentage of the content on the social media app. Established connoisseurs and passionate foodies alike are taking to Instagram to share the most mouth-watering foods, and the best restaurants for their followers to find them.

LA Food Community

Those who are part of the food-Instagram world know that Los Angeles is the proud owner of some of the most creative, mind-blowing foods in the country. It is impossible to think up a cuisine or combination that hasn’t been done by a niche restaurant or food truck in Los Angeles. Because of this, the LA “Foodstagram” community is a competitive one, all vying with each other to be unique enough to build as much credibility and as many followers as possible.

One of the accounts that has earned this reputation goes by the Instagram handle @losangeleseateries. With over half a million followers, Los Angeles Eateries is a respected source of food-related content primarily in the Los Angeles area, but also ventures into the world beyond at times. Their account features everything from outrageous burgers to opulent brunches to deserts that look too beautiful to possibly be edible.

Spumoni’s Shoutout

Just four days ago, Spumoni Italian Restaurant earned a post on the ever-impressive Los Angeles Eateries account. The post included an extremely complimentary caption, advising followers to visit the Santa Monica Spumoni location. It also featured four beautiful pictures of some of Spumoni’s authentic Italian dishes: two classic wood-fired pizzas, a pasta dish, and a salad garnished with salmon. The post garnered 15,194 likes (and counting), as well as over 70 positive comments.

What Makes Spumoni Special?

While this particular shoutout was specifically for the Santa Monica location, Spumoni has numerous other locations in the Southern California/Los Angeles region. They are widely known as a neighborhood favorite due to their cozy Italian atmosphere and extensive menu. Not only do they offer classic Italian favorites, but they also stand out from other Italian restaurants because of unique additions such as their gnocchi bar. Perfect for any occasion, Spumoni is your destination for date night, a big family dinner, or even a night in, thanks to their delivery option.

Most importantly, the A+ quality of the food cannot be questioned now that Spumoni received a positive shoutout from Los Angeles Eateries. In the LA food community, that is the ultimate stamp of approval. Come in to one of Spumoni’s locations to see for yourself, and follow @losangeleseateries for more of LA’s best food recommendations!

Best Restaurants in Santa Clarita

Best Restaurants in Santa Clarita

Who says you have to journey across the globe to experience authentic Italian food? Citizens and visitors of Santa Clarita, look no further; you are among some of the best restaurants, namely Spumoni Italian Restaurant. Learn more about this Southern California favorite that feels just like dining in Italy!

The Best Compliment to Any Activity

Whether you are a local or just a visitor of the sunny city, Spumoni is the best restaurant in Santa Clarita to precede or follow your daily activities. Grab a quick pizza for lunch before a hike or biking excursion. End your day of shopping or golfing with a relaxing glass of wine in a dimly-lit setting. Satisfy the hunger you worked up from riding adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters all day at Six Flags Magic Mountain with your favorite pasta dish. No matter how you spend your time in Santa Clarita, Spumoni fits in perfectly at any time of day.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Spumoni Restaurant is also the best solution to any conflict about what kind of occasion you are looking for in Santa Clarita. Planning a romantic date night with your significant other? Enter Spumoni, whose candlelit and flower-decorated tables are sure to create a ‘Lady and The Tramp’ moment between the two of you. If its a big family night, Spumoni is also eager to create the best family friendly environment for family members of any age. In addition to the dine-in options, Spumoni understands that sometimes you just need to cuddle up in your pajamas with your favorite Italian comfort food. For those occasions, Spumoni also delivers to your home; no need for the added effort of going out in public.

Extensive Menu

Feeling like a casual pizza, a comforting pasta dish you know and love, or wanting to branch out a little bit? Spumoni’s diverse and large menu allows for all of the above. It covers the classic Italian salads, soups, pizzas, homemade pastas, and fish and meat dishes for those that want to stick to what they know. However, the more unique sections of Spumoni’s menu include an entire section of New York-style Italian dishes, as well as a Gnocchi Bar offering 10+ different variations of the pasta. Feel free to take a chance on something new or keep it classic.

Authentic Italian Experience

Spumoni Restaurant knows and respects the charming atmosphere that comes with authentic Italian dining, and the goal is to replicate it so that you don’t have to fly across the world to experience that. Pay Spumoni a visit for the same cozy character that you would find in a genuine Italian cafe. Bottles of wine adorn the walls against dark wood, while candles and flowers bring a romantic warmth to each table. At certain times, guests can delight in live music while they dine, delivering alluring favorites of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the like. If the indoors are not completely satisfactory, guests also have the option of dining on the outdoor patio, for a more open and lighter experience.

Spumoni is takes its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Santa Clarita seriously, and is constantly striving to create the absolute best dining experience for its customers. Join them for a visit to see for yourself. Buon Appetito!

The Best Italian Food Santa Monica: Spumoni Italian Restaurant

The Best Italian Food Santa Monica: Spumoni Italian Restaurant

The best Italian food in the area can be found right in the heart of downtown Santa Monica. Spumoni Italian Restaurant has a great reputation for having some of the best Italian dishes in not only Santa Monica, but the Los Angeles area. Here are a few reasons why you need to check this place out!

Best Italian Food Location

The Spumoni Italian Restaurant is located within walking distance of the iconic Santa Monica beaches and Santa Monica Pier. This makes for a great day of fun in the sun with your family and topping the day off with a visit to our family friendly establishment. The Third Street Promenade is also blocks away allowing shoppers to work up an appetite walking the beautiful streets of the promenade and stopping by our bistro afterwards for a glass of wine accompanied by your favorite Italian dish.

Best Italian Food Pickup or Delivery

The Spumoni Italian Restaurant not only has a beautiful establishment to wine and dine, but also allows people the luxury of picking up their food. All you have to do is call in at (310) 393-2944 and one of Spumoni’s friendly staff members will take your order and provide an estimated ready time for pick up. You can also order for pick up online by going to spumonirestaurants.com and clicking on the red “Order Online” button in the top right corner of the page. If you prefer the VIP treatment of having your delicious Italian food delivered, Spumoni provides this service as well. You can call in or simply order online for delivery and will be provided an expected arrival time as well as a tracking timeline.

Best Italian Pizza Options

The Spumoni Italian Restaurant is known for their authentic pizza coming straight out of their wood-fired oven giving each bite that true Italian flavor. Some of these wood-fired pizzas include the marinara pizza that was first made back in 1734, providing you with a taste of historic pizza. Another is the margherita pizza which was originally made for Queen Margherita back in 1889, allowing you the ability to eat like royalty. Some other authentic pizzas include the vegetarian pizza, zuccotto pizza, salami calabrese pizza, and frutti di mare pizza to name a few. There is also the infamous New York style pizza that come in a plethora of options to include, vegetarian, promodoro, calzone, biancaneve, and numerous optional toppings.

Best Italian Cuisines

The Spumoni Italian Restaurant not only provides dozens of freshly made pizza options, but also creates the finest of other Italian cuisines. The Spumoni gnocci bar allows for visitors to choose from a list of different gnocci options such as Bolognese, alfredo, pesto, cardinale, and gamberetti to name a few. The pasta options are phenomenal as well with dozens to choose from. Pastas range from traditional spaghetti bolognese to lasagna bolognese to homemade papparadelle porcini.

Best Italian Food Santa Monica: Spumoni Italian Restaurant Options

Listed above are a few of the categories to choose from when it comes to delicious plates you can order in the restaurant or have ordered for pickup or delivery. Listed below are some more categories of foods that can be enjoyed as well:

  • Insalate (salads)
  • Antipasti
  • Gnocci Bar
  • Pastas
  • Homemade Pastas
  • Carne (meat)
  • Pesce
  • Pollo (chicken)
  • Contorni
  • Pizza
  • Fish

The best Italian food in Santa Monica, Spumoni Italian Restaurant not only has a plethora of delicious options to choose from, but has a location that only makes the experience that much better. Come see for yourself what all the rave is about!

Best Pizza Delivery in Santa Clarita

5 reasons why you should have Italian food Delivered

What’s better than fresh-out-the-oven pizza delivered right to your front door? At Spumoni, we understand that you may not want to get out of your house for food sometimes, so we deliver the best handmade oven-baked pizza to you! Getting food can seem like a hassle sometimes – you could be craving something to eat but the thought of driving 30 minutes instantly turns you off. So instead of getting off your couch and getting changed to go outside, stay where you are and put down an order on www.spumonirestaurants.com. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should have Italian food delivered to you tonight.


Short Delivery Times

At Spumoni, we have dedicated drivers who can make sure the pizza gets delivered on time to guarantee its freshness. We want our customers to have the same exact experience as they would at our restaurant at the comfort in their own house, and that means keeping delivery times short to keep that pizza of yours fresh. You would be able to continue binging on your favorite Netflix show, and as soon as you realize the Pizza man is at your door with your dinner. 

Simple Ordering Process

The delivery process is simple, just pull out your mobile devices to go online and visit our website at spumonirestaurants.com, choose “order online” and pick your desired items from our menu. Once we have received your pizza order, that order goes straight to our kitchen and your pizza will be on its way to the oven shortly. Once you have paid and the order is confirmed, all you need to do is sit back and relax, and wait for that knock on the door from our friendly delivery person. Who knew ordering pizza can be that easy?

Pizza Options

Spumoni has a wide variety of pizzas available, from the classic choices such as Margherita and Burrata, to the American favorites such as Hawaiian and Chicken Pesto. Even if you are not a meat eater, we have vegetarian pizza options to make sure your dietary needs are met. We have both Italian style and New York style pizza, so we can be sure we have something that suits your taste buds.

Other Dishes

Not a big fan of pizza? That is OK, because at Spumoni we offer so much more than just pizza. We have a wide variety of salads and soups for appetizers, we also have a large selection of pastas like carbonara and ravioli. Looking for something more protein-based? We have everything from veal, lamb chops, to fresh-catch-of-the-day seafood items. You can have these items delivered too, and we will ensure they taste just as good as they do in the restaurant.

Support your local business!

Lastly, we thank you for your support and continued support to keep our business thriving. At Spumoni, we put our customers first because we like to build that lasting relationship as your local Italian restaurant. As long as we are in business, we can guarantee your craving for Italian food will always be filled.


So next time when you are sitting at home debating whether you want to go out for a meal, think about the convenience of having delicious handmade pizza delivered to you. Whatever your party size is, Spumoni has the right size pizza just for your party. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone or go online to www.spumonirestaurants.com to put down your order!