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Best Italian Food in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, California has one of the most vibrant restaurant scenes in America. That is why you can find the best Italian food here. Los Angeles County holds more than 10 million people, full of people of different race, color, and creed. People from all over the world bring their homestyle cuisines and compete for a spot in the popping restaurant scene here. However, if you are looking for the best Italian food in LA, look no further than Spumoni Italian Restaurant. Spumoni Italian Restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisines made with the finest ingredients. Here are a couple reasons why Spumoni is the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

Spumoni – Best Italian Food

We have a wide selection of Pastas here at Spumoni. The pastas here are made with the freshest and best ingredients, with noodles cooked to the perfect firmness. We have carbonara, ravioli, tube pasta, half moon shaped pasta, etc. We have the selection that will surprise you with each bite you take, combined with the best sauces and broth, Spumoni sure does have the best pasta on the block.

If you are into pizzas, we have the favorites such as margherita, marinara, salami, and all kinds of fun choices! We also have a vegetarian pizza for those who are not meat-inclined. Thin crust, thick crust, just how you like it. Our pizzas are made with the best ingredients, and you can taste the freshness just like how it was in the oven! We also have New York style pizza that comes in two sizes, 12″ and 16″.

We understand that not everyone is in the mood for pizza and pastas all the time, so we also offer options such as meats, appetizers, and much more! We got lamb chops, steaks, veals for our land selection, and for seafood offerings we have sole filets, salmon, jumbo tiger shrimps. One of our favorites is the Cioppino Mediterraneo, made from fresh fish, clams, shrimps, calamari, and mussels cooked in a light tomato fish broth. Every bite you can taste the juiciness of the seafood, balanced with the light savory of the tomato fish broth.

At Spumoni Italian Restaurant, we have the best authentic Italian homestyle cuisine. That is why you can find dishes you don’t normally see at other Italian restaurants. One of our best highlights are our Gnocchis. For those who don’t know, gnocchi is a traditional Italian dish that consists of thick, small, and soft dough dumplings. These gnocchis can be customized to your liking – you can put different meats, seafood, and sauces to make your personalized gnocchi dish!


In conclusion, Spumoni Italian Restaurant has the best Italian food in Los Angeles. We have locations in Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks . We also offer delivery services if you live nearby one of our restaurant locations, so you would be able to order online or on your mobile phone, and enjoy the best Italian food in your own house. Still don’t believe us? Make a reservation at your nearest Spumoni Italian Restaurant and see for yourself.

Why LA Eateries Featured Spumoni on Instagram

Why LA Eateries Featured Spumoni on Instagram

If you haven’t jumped on the foodie-instagram train yet, it is highly recommended that you change that; you’re missing out. They can be turned to for cooking inspiration, restaurant recommendations, or simply good, old fashioned food porn. Food Instagrams, aka “Foodstagrams” are beginning to take over a large percentage of the content on the social media app. Established connoisseurs and passionate foodies alike are taking to Instagram to share the most mouth-watering foods, and the best restaurants for their followers to find them.

LA Food Community

Those who are part of the food-Instagram world know that Los Angeles is the proud owner of some of the most creative, mind-blowing foods in the country. It is impossible to think up a cuisine or combination that hasn’t been done by a niche restaurant or food truck in Los Angeles. Because of this, the LA “Foodstagram” community is a competitive one, all vying with each other to be unique enough to build as much credibility and as many followers as possible.

One of the accounts that has earned this reputation goes by the Instagram handle @losangeleseateries. With over half a million followers, Los Angeles Eateries is a respected source of food-related content primarily in the Los Angeles area, but also ventures into the world beyond at times. Their account features everything from outrageous burgers to opulent brunches to deserts that look too beautiful to possibly be edible.

Spumoni’s Shoutout

Just four days ago, Spumoni Italian Restaurant earned a post on the ever-impressive Los Angeles Eateries account. The post included an extremely complimentary caption, advising followers to visit the Santa Monica Spumoni location. It also featured four beautiful pictures of some of Spumoni’s authentic Italian dishes: two classic wood-fired pizzas, a pasta dish, and a salad garnished with salmon. The post garnered 15,194 likes (and counting), as well as over 70 positive comments.

What Makes Spumoni Special?

While this particular shoutout was specifically for the Santa Monica location, Spumoni has numerous other locations in the Southern California/Los Angeles region. They are widely known as a neighborhood favorite due to their cozy Italian atmosphere and extensive menu. Not only do they offer classic Italian favorites, but they also stand out from other Italian restaurants because of unique additions such as their gnocchi bar. Perfect for any occasion, Spumoni is your destination for date night, a big family dinner, or even a night in, thanks to their delivery option.

Most importantly, the A+ quality of the food cannot be questioned now that Spumoni received a positive shoutout from Los Angeles Eateries. In the LA food community, that is the ultimate stamp of approval. Come in to one of Spumoni’s locations to see for yourself, and follow @losangeleseateries for more of LA’s best food recommendations!

Best Restaurants in Santa Clarita

Best Restaurants in Santa Clarita

Who says you have to journey across the globe to experience authentic Italian food? Citizens and visitors of Santa Clarita, look no further; you are among some of the best restaurants, namely Spumoni Italian Restaurant. Learn more about this Southern California favorite that feels just like dining in Italy!

The Best Compliment to Any Activity

Whether you are a local or just a visitor of the sunny city, Spumoni is the best restaurant in Santa Clarita to precede or follow your daily activities. Grab a quick pizza for lunch before a hike or biking excursion. End your day of shopping or golfing with a relaxing glass of wine in a dimly-lit setting. Satisfy the hunger you worked up from riding adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters all day at Six Flags Magic Mountain with your favorite pasta dish. No matter how you spend your time in Santa Clarita, Spumoni fits in perfectly at any time of day.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Spumoni Restaurant is also the best solution to any conflict about what kind of occasion you are looking for in Santa Clarita. Planning a romantic date night with your significant other? Enter Spumoni, whose candlelit and flower-decorated tables are sure to create a ‘Lady and The Tramp’ moment between the two of you. If its a big family night, Spumoni is also eager to create the best family friendly environment for family members of any age. In addition to the dine-in options, Spumoni understands that sometimes you just need to cuddle up in your pajamas with your favorite Italian comfort food. For those occasions, Spumoni also delivers to your home; no need for the added effort of going out in public.

Extensive Menu

Feeling like a casual pizza, a comforting pasta dish you know and love, or wanting to branch out a little bit? Spumoni’s diverse and large menu allows for all of the above. It covers the classic Italian salads, soups, pizzas, homemade pastas, and fish and meat dishes for those that want to stick to what they know. However, the more unique sections of Spumoni’s menu include an entire section of New York-style Italian dishes, as well as a Gnocchi Bar offering 10+ different variations of the pasta. Feel free to take a chance on something new or keep it classic.

Authentic Italian Experience

Spumoni Restaurant knows and respects the charming atmosphere that comes with authentic Italian dining, and the goal is to replicate it so that you don’t have to fly across the world to experience that. Pay Spumoni a visit for the same cozy character that you would find in a genuine Italian cafe. Bottles of wine adorn the walls against dark wood, while candles and flowers bring a romantic warmth to each table. At certain times, guests can delight in live music while they dine, delivering alluring favorites of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the like. If the indoors are not completely satisfactory, guests also have the option of dining on the outdoor patio, for a more open and lighter experience.

Spumoni is takes its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Santa Clarita seriously, and is constantly striving to create the absolute best dining experience for its customers. Join them for a visit to see for yourself. Buon Appetito!